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Phase 1 ProjectPhase 1 You are provided with two options for your course project below. Select ONE of the options below for your analysis.· Option 1 allows you to analyze job salaries for the state of Minnesota.Option 1 ScenarioOption 1 Data Set· Option 2 allows you to analyze the ages of infectious disease patients at NCLEX Memorial Hospital. Option 2 ScenarioOption 2 Data Set================================================================Review each scenario and data set carefully and choose which scenario you would like to work with. Begin Phase 1 of your analysis by including the following information:1. Introduce your scenario and data set. o Provide a brief overview of the scenario you are given above and the data set that you will be analyzing.o Describe the variables in your data set.o Are the variables quantitative or qualitative? Explain.o Are the variables discrete or continuous? Explain2. Calculate the measures of center and measures of variation. (Calculate these using Excel and then copy the results from Excel into your Word Document) 30 Pointso Meano Mediano Modeo Rangeo Varianceo Standard Deviation. 3.ConclusionRecap your ideas by summarizing the information presented.IMPORTANT: Please number your sections 1 – 3

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