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Select an organisation
that you are either familiar with (you may, or may have,
worked there) or have
researched. Ideally, choose an organisation within the
professional services
sector (eg: Financial, Legal, insurance, medical, etc). You
may choose to focus on
an organisation in another industry but you should seek
advice from your
lecturer first.
For this organisation,
you may identify ethical issues or aspects from a range of
areas covered in the
readings and lecture notes. These
1. Ethics at the
Individual Level
2. The dynamic of
Groups and Ethics in the organisation
3. The Organisational
Ethics Construct (How does the organisation
ensure ethical
In your response you should:-
A. Identify and define
the Stakeholders and their stake.
B. Determine the key
issues facing management when managing these
C. Evaluate the
Stakeholder value management response. This may
(i) rational, process
and transactional levels
(ii) stakeholder
inclusiveness and relationships
(iii) stakeholder
power: awareness, knowledge, admiration, action
(iv) monitoring and
communicating with stakeholders
(v) winning
stakeholder support
(vi) tangible and
intangible resources to deliver stakeholder value
D. For the following
Stakeholders, identify, discuss and evaluate the
organisation’s ethical
construct from a range of stakeholders which may
(i) Shareholders
(ii) Customers
(iii) Employees
(iv) Suppliers
(v) Community (Publics)
(vi) Determine
associated accounting constraints and enabling
processes (Hint: Enron
You may decide to take
on the role of a consultant and conduct an ‘ethical health
check’ of the
organisation incorporating the above elements.
Another approach may
be to identify a ‘star performing’ organisation or Strategic
Business Unit within
the organiastion and use it to benchmark the industry.
Make appropriate
recommendations based on your findings.
You are required to
prepare a report based on the above incorporating relevant
theory and additional
readings when analysing your chosen company.
If you have a specific
interest I would encourage you to pursue this. You must
see me BEFORE
progressing and seek approval. I am happy to consider any
proposal you may have.
You should see me to discuss your ideas and approach.
Some of you may find
this approach more rewarding.
Your work will be
assessed progressively.
In Week 5 you are to
demonstrate an overview, supported by research you have
gathered of your
chosen organisation. You should search for company and
industry reports as
well as news and business articles about the company and
the industry. You MUST
also include at least three academic journal articles
sources from the
eResources. Failure to do this will result in a penalty of 10%
of the available mark.

In Week 9, you will be
required to present the class a 5-10 minute (maximum)
summary of your
progress. This may be in the form of a presentation or simply a
discussion within the
class. Failure to do this will result in a penalty of 20% of
the available mark.
Prepare a 3,000 word report (using standard formatting*) outlining your
and appropriate
recommendations based on the evidence you provide and the
conclusions you draw.
The 3,000 words do not include Title Page, Table of
Contents, Executive
Summary, Recommendations or Appendices (if used).
Ensure your report is
appropriately reference using the Harvard style of
referencing and
uploaded at the Turnitin link provided
in the Week 11 area.
• The report is due at
18:00 of Week 11 on the day following of your
scheduled lecture
(upload on moodle – turnitin). Team leader only to
submit, including
details of all team members.
The turnitin link will
be provided to help you ensure you avoid
plagiarism issues. You
should use this to check your work and
upload your work as
many times as you wish up to the due date after
which your submission
is locked in.
*Standard Formatting
2.5cm margins, left,
right, top and bottom
12pt Arial font
1.5 line spacing

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