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STARBUCKS1. Using the website development process covered in chapter 12 of yourtextbook and the webiste for the company you chose, discuss what youcan tell about what the developers of the website probably did (decisionsthey made, or actions they took) when they developed this website. Forexample, step 2 is “Identify and describe the target market.” Who is thetarget market for the website (be specific in terms of income, age,interests, geography, etc.)? How can you tell and what is incorporated intothe website to meet their needs? Make sure you cover each of the 7 stepseven if you have to use information from chapter 12 to guess at what theydid. (2-3 pages)2. Using the website for the company you chose, prepare a careful summaryof the objectives you believe that the site has. In doing so, keep in mind thatthe objectives of the site may be a subset of the marketing and businessobjectives of the organization. When you are satisfied that the set ofobjectives is complete (aim for at least 5 objectives, more is better), list thecorresponding metric or metrics that would be needed to measure eachobjective (use metrics discussed throughout chapter 14). Present thisinformation in a table format (in MS Word, not Excel) that shows theobjectives and the corresponding metrics. Objective Method/Tools Increase Salesfrom site by XX% Google Analytics MetricsCurrent year sales compared to previousyearsSales of indivisual productsCalculate ROI of additional marketingexpenditures including websitedevelopment. Obj 2Obj 3Obj 4 Obj 5Obj 6 3. Discuss privacy and security issues that particularly apply to the compayyou chose. Research any issues they’ve had or legal action that’s beentaken regarding your company or that could affect you company (use at leastone source from the GEN online library databases). Cite your sources, listreferences using APA style. What must your company do to be in compliancewith law or to meet the expectations of its customers in terms of privacy andsecurity.(1 – 2 pages)

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