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An X-bar R Chart is typically used when you have a ________ subgroup.RationalLargeNoisyTimelyFour (4) data sets are inspected for six dimensions with the following results: 0 defects in 10 pieces, 7 defects in 10 pieces, 1 defect in 10 pieces, 2 defects in 10 pieces. What are the defects per opportunity?0.750.0421041,667If you computed correlation coefficient r = +1.2 on your scatter diagram, which of the following is true?You have a better than perfect positive correlationYou have no residual errorYou have an error in your calculationsYour value of 1.2 exceeds the critical value or 1.0, and there is a strong correlationWhich of the following does NOT represent a criteria for control charting?Record the data in time sequenceRecalculate the control limits when the process has significantly changedIf there is an abundance of data, it is generally better to use an X-bar-R chart rather than an ImR (a.k.a. XmR) chartUse the average range for calculating the control limits of the X-bar portion of the X-bar-R are chartThe manager is asked to provide Cpk data for a specific parameter that is shown to be in control and predictable. The Cpk data for a weekly sample of 30 in each of the first six is 1.65, 1.58, 1.67, 1.59, 1.68, and 1.71. Your reaction isRevise how the samples are collected for better repeatabilityReduce the frequency of Cpk monitoring.Increase the frequency of Cpk monitoring.Initiate an immediate corrective action request

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