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Constraint management involvesOptimizing each department independent of the other departments.Optimizing TAKT TIME.Optimizing all constraints starting with the first step and proceeding along the process stepsâin order.Exploiting the biggest constraintWhich of the following tools is good for visualizing the amount of variation?Chi Square testArithmetic meanSIPOCBox and whisker chartThe reason why an X-bar R chart is effective when dealing with non-normal data has to do withThe central limit theoremThe fact that averages vary less than individualsThe binomial distributionStatistical decision theoryWhich of the following examples is qualitative customer information?I. Customer attrition rateII. Satisfiers/dissatisfiersIII. Market share growth rateIV. Win/loss ratioV. Reasons for losing customersVI. Customer preferencesI, II, IV, and VI onlyII, V, and VI onlyII, IV, V, and VI onlyAll of the above

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