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DMAIC is a linear model in which once the team progresses to the Analyze Phase, they are to always move on to the Improvement Phase.TrueFalseTo exploit a capacity constrained resource, which tool(s) might you use?Check Sheet5-why methodologyCause-Effect DiagramAll of the aboveA Six Sigma team brainstormed four âWhatsâ and six âHowâsâ using the House of Quality. The relative importance of the six columns follows: Column A. 14% Column B. 4% Column C. 41% Column D. 29% Column E. 10% Column F. 2%. What is the priority scheme for working these projects?Work on column C, then E, then AWork on column F, then B, then AWork on column C, then D, then FNone of the above. Teams donât determine the WHATâS. Customers do.Three common methods for evaluating a project based on dollar amounts and time periods includeNPV, IRR, payback periodsROA, GDP, NPVIRR, payback periods, ROANPV, ROE, payback periods

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