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Every person is weighed who enters the stadium. The average weight is calculated. What is the terminology for this finding?Sample StatisticPopulation ParameterInferenceRational subgroupGive the value for Alpha for the rejection region z < -1.870.03070.96931.875%The most effective decision-making method in Six Sigma thinking is through:ConsensusAffinity diagramMajority rulePERT chartAccording to Shewhartâs tests for runs, which of the following would be evidence of assignable-cause variation?A group of five or more points below the centerline followed by a sudden jump of at least one (1) standard deviation band.14 points in a row that are within the control limitsA change in any one, or more of the 6M's (aka 5M's and one P)A point plotted outside of the specification limits

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