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If a team wants to be 90% confident that a particular factor has made a statistically significant difference, which of the following would they be hoping to see?Alpha: HighAlpha: LowBeta: LowNone of the above are trueA company is experiencing 14,000 ppm defects. If the company takes into account the Motorola 1 ½ sigma shift, what is the sigma level of the companyâs operation?Approximately 5.5 sigmaApproximately 5.1 sigmaApproximately 4.9 sigmaApproximately 3.7 sigmaA path for events is determined with P(a) = 0.90 in series with parallel paths P(b) = 0.80 and P(c) = 0.90. The resulting P(system) =0.8800.9960.1200.648Which Six Sigma tool would you use to display rework loops, otherwise known as hidden factories?5-SMulti-vari chartProcess mapMatrix diagram

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