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Special causes areValidated as “removed” only when system returns to the âstatus quoâExpected in a normally distributed process.May be detected by separating internal from external inputsDifferentiated from common cause only in the magnitude of their effectsFrom a customer’s perspective, which of these things are valuable to both the customer and the business?I.Quality – keeping promises, error-free, warranty/reliabilityII.Profitability – product or service metts needs to ensure financial viabilityIII.Timeliness – how fast, timely improvementsIV.Performance and service – do they help, are they dependable?V.Value – is it worth it?I, II, III, and IV onlyI, II, IV, and V onlyI, III, IV, and V onlyII, III, IV, and V onlyIf we change the confidence level from 99% to 95%, we expect the size of the rejection region to:Shrink.Expand.Provide MORE confidence.None of the above.Replication in Design of ExperimentsIs useful to estimate experimental errorIs useful in determining curvature effectCuts the number of trial in halfMeans that the design runs are randomizedWhich of the following tools best demonstrates that customer needs are not stable but cvontinue to change over time?QFDControl chartKano modelMatrix diagram

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