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1. Stephen Steinberg mentioned that Ethnic Pluralism in America has its origins inconquests, slavary, and exploitation of foreign labor. Discuss, compare, and contrast thehistorical experiences of Native Americans, African Americans, and one other ethnic group inAmerica.2. Why were the Jews more successful than any other groups in the United States? What are thereasons behind the Jewish success?3. What are the reasons behind the fact that Irish became domestics while Jews and Italians didnot?4. Discuss Robert Merton’s typology on the relationship between Prejudice and Discrimination. Besure to include the following in your discussion: Unprejudiced Nondiscriminators (All WeatheredLiberals), Unprejudcied Discriminators (Fair Weathered Liberals), Prejudiced Nondiscriminators(Passive Bigot), and Prejudiced Discriminators (Active Bigots).

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