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1- Background about Toyota
1. Discuss different business level and corporate
level strategies
2. Study
business level strategies of Toyota
3. Study different corporate level strategies of
4. Study the performance of Toyota during last
5. Study Strengths and weaknesses of Toyota business
level strategy
6.Study Strengths and weaknesses of Toyota corporate
level strategy
7. Propose improved business and corporate level
strategies for Toyota.

AutoBeef LLC. (2015). Toyota Complaints, Investigations &
Recalls. Retrieved January 12, 2015, from Toyota Problems:

Toyota. (2015). Company Info. Retrieved January 12, 2015,
from Toyota: Final Project (Report)Title of the Project(Acknowledgements, contents,
certificates, if any )1. Introduction
– A brief Introduction to the project2.
(Research Problem) – As given
in the proposal 2. Scope As given in the proposal 3. The project will
cover the following issues (all or some) as applicable under different headings
and their effectiveness. a. Back ground of
the companiesb. Analysis of
Internal Environmentc. Analysis of
External Environmentd. Business level
strategies e. Corporate Level
Strategiesf. Acquisition and
restructuring strategiesg. International
strategiesh. Corporate
Governancei. Strategic
Leadershipj. Strategic
Controlsk. Organizational
structuresl. Corporate Social
Literature Review (20 Marks)a. Most Literature
Review must be recent (Preferably after 2005) b. Must be a mix of
references from journals, magazines, newspapers and a few from the Web. More references from academic journals will
result in better quality and hence are expected.c.
References from
Text books must be totally avoided. d. Number of
references must be sufficient to bring out all the issues of the project).e. Literature Review
must be arranged into a logical sequence ( to follow the order of issues given
in the scope)f. Due credits must
be given to the sources example (Michael, 2006) in the body of the project
work.g. References could
be included in all parts starting from introduction to conclusion, anywhere.h. No Plagiarism
please. Plagiarism will attract zero marks and other penalties as per the TRU
APA style of
referencing will be used.5.
Methodology (05 Mark) a. Must clearly
indicate the research Methodologyb. Justification of
relevance of Methodology for the purpose of the study(Refer to Project Proposal format)6. Data
Collection /( Case Development) and
Analysis (15 Marks)a. Data collection
Methods (Primary and secondary)b. Data Analysis
Methods (If applicable)
Summarizing and Presenting data
Statistical Techniques
OR techniques
Other methods7.
Findings of the Study (10 Marks)a. Must follow from
the analysis of datab. Supported by
Literature review/data or bothc. Effectiveness of
the present strategyd. Short comings and
strengths of the current strategy8. Recommendations
(Your) (05 Mark)a. What changes to
the strategy you suggestb. Your new strategyc. The benefits your
new strategy will accrue to the company. 9. Conclusion10.
Bibliography (References – References must follow
the notation explained in the class/Tutorial)
in conjunction with Literature Review.(10 Marks)Project
Presentation:Will Carry 25 MarksTotal: 100
(90 Marks for Project
Report & Presentation and 10 marks for Project Proposal). Weight for grade
will be 20 marks.Note: While assessing the project, the content,
logical presentation of the material in the report, individual contribution and
the overall quality of the project, Team work will also be taken into account.

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