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HOMEWORKext Case 1, Page C-13The case documents the history of Apple computer, from its foundation through till the end of 2008. The case covers all major events in the history of this company, including the success of the Apple II, Apple’s mixed results with the early Macintosh line of computers, the company’s problems in the 1990s, its re-emergence after the return of Steve Jobs in the late 1990s, and the company’s introduction of the innovative iPod and iPhone lines.Unfortunately, the history of Apple computer is just that, history. While interesting, it realistically has limited applicability to the present given the rapid proliferation of technological change. At the same time, Chapter 3 introduces the concept of Michael Porter’s seminal article- How Competitive Forces Shape Strategy on pages 56-66. There are few original works in strategy that have had the impact of Porter’s work in this area.Case Requirements:Read the article: (Links to an external site.) Links to an external site. Using the text materials related to Case #1, Apple, Inc , and the original material in the article referenced in #1, construct a 5 Forces Analysis for Apple Computer that would be appropriate for the current situation for Apple computer.As part of that analysis, be sure to:Address each of the 5 main elements in a short paragraph, focusing on an analysis using the terms appropriate to Porter’s 5 Forces Model.Each of the five elements contains specific details that expand on that particular force. Using your Glo-bus Group as follows:Group A & F: Risk of entry by potential competitorsGroup B & G: Bargaining power of buyersGroup C & I: Threat of substitutesGroup D: Bargaining power of suppliers:Group E: Intensity of rivalry among established firms.Depending on your Glo-bus group as above, develop a more fully developed forces analysis for your assigned “force” for Apple Computer.This is an individual exercise- the reference to groups is only to provide a way to assign you to one of the 5 elements. Often in our textbooks we are exposed to summary interpretations of important concepts. This assignment has provided you an opportunity to examine an summary and the original article of an important concept in current strategic management. Compare the original article by Michael Porter and the summary treatment presented in your text. If you were this course instructor, what would you say are the main benefits to referring back to the original work in this case? The drawbacks?I need help with this and I will be using turnitin too so I need to make sure it has references and in- text citations. is the case study without using a book.

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