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Write a substantial essay (600-750 words) that addresses the followingprompts:Conduct an Internet search to find at least three articles or books thatexamine the causal relationship between relative deprivation and terrorism(these can be any scholarly work or serious journalism produced in or after2000; be sure to properly cite these works). Tip: important authors on thistopic include Diego Gambetta, Steffen Hertog, Sarah Brockhoff, John T. Jost,and Arie Kruglanski.Explain and compare how the authors answered the question of whatcauses terrorism.-For these authors, what role does formal education, particularly highereducation, play in heightening a sense of relative deprivation for would-beterrorists? Explain why.What solutions or remedies, if any, do these authors propose? What solutionswould you propose?

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