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Analyze the quotation below in the context of European exploration in the Americas. As you read the quote, think about what it says about Columbus’s motivations to explore. Was he interested in gaining knowledge, wealth, or both? How did his motivations influence how he treated the peoples already living in the Americas?I did not try to examine them in detail, because it could not be done in 50 years. For my desire is to see and discover as much as I can before returning to your Highness’s, our Lord willing, in April. It is true that in the event of finding places where there is gold or spices in quantity l should stop until I had collected as much as I could. I, therefore, proceed in the hope of coming across such places -Christopher Columbus, journal entry, 14921Now write a three-paragraph essay explaining the following:-What motivated Columbus to explore the Americas?-How did his actions in the Americas reflect his motivations?Was Columbus typical of explorers during that time or did other explorers have different or additional motives?

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