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Five years ago, the Egyptian government was brought down by a popular uprising. There was a great deal of euphoria that democratic political processes were effectively taking hold in the region. Two years later, the situation seems much more complicated. For this discussion, I want you to watch the following video “Frontline: Egypt in Crisis.” It explains developments in Egypt in the two years following the “Arab Spring.” (This video is 50 minutes long, so give yourself some time.) I want you to choose one of the following groups and compose an answer to the following questions.Select one of the these groups: Muslim Brotherhood, the military, Egyptian Coptic Christians, and the “secularists” (those seeking a liberal democratic state).Questions:1) What were the expectations and demands of this group? In other words, what did this group want to happen after President Mubarak was removed from power?2) Were these expectations met, or not? Explain. What have been the experiences of this group in the last 2 1/2 years?

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