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MLA format

After completing your Module 12 readings, you are required
to write a 3 page Essay on one of the major issues of contemporary importance
in these areas.

Possible topics include: ethical topics in freedom of
speech, intellectual property, capital punishment, torture, etc. (Please
confirm topic with instructor if you are uncertain.)

The essay must be written from an Ethical prospective, in
other words, do not analyze the topic from a legal, sociological, or
alternative perspective. Make use of the Ethical Theories you have learned
throughout the course, for example Virtue Ethics, Natural Law Theory,
Utilitarianism, or Deontological Ethical Theory, etc.

Note that mature philosophical reflection always includes a
deep understanding of all side of an issue, while at the same time it presents
a personal perspective that is grounded logically and based in evidence. It is
not enough to have an opinion philosophically speaking if you do not understand
the opinions of others. Be sure to demonstrate logically the strength or
weakness of every claim you make.

The report must be written in Microsoft Word using MLA
formatting (MLA Handbook, 7th Ed., Proofread thoroughly for
college-level spelling, syntax, and grammar. There should be no errors in this
document. Before submitting it in the drop box, be sure it is complete and
ready for grading. Once submitted, it cannot be resubmitted. Submit by due

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