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Do we make up right and wrong?In the Euthyphro, Socrates considers whether or not piety can be whatever is loved by the Gods. This definition is criticized for being circular. Things are loved by the Gods because they are pious; they are not pious because they are loved by the Gods. Consider this argument in the context of moral right and wrong more generally. Is something right or wrong because people judge it to be so (constructivist) or do we make moral judgments because things just are right or wrong already (objectivist)? Drawing on Socrates arguments in the Euthyphro, defend either the objectivist or the constructivist position on morality. Think of some tough cases. For example: Does Euthyphro’s position mean that if Hitler had won WWII, the holocaust would have been morally acceptable?*The longer the better. Two resources at-least please.

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