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Instructions for this assignment:Well-written paper no less than 2,500 words and no more than 2,800words. At least 10 references must be cited.Topic of Paper: The Importance of Cross-Cultural Training to BuildCollaborative Teams. This topic is based on a fictional global securitysoftware company, AF Software which operates globally and it is headquarter in Brooklyn, NY.The paper must show in-depth understanding of the topic. Youmust show the perspective of business leaders, IT professionals, employees and human resources professionals in the organization. Beginthe paper with an issue, list details on how this issue affects the organization and end with a resolution and all details leading to why this resolution was chosen and how it will enrich the organization. The organization must be global and the issue chosen must affect US and overseas operations.References: At least ten references must be cited for this assignment.DUE MAY 7 Outline/The full paper can be submitted May 12: Do include an outline. The outline should summarize the issues to betackled in the full paper, departments you will cover in the paper andat least 5 of the 10 references that will be used in the paper.

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