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Writting a meet the author paper of the movie Apocalypse Now .please watch the instruction down below carefully,thanks! I’ll give extra tips when you done as always.Each student is responsible for one reader response paper, 800-1000 words. These papers are due at 8am, in class, on the due date. No late work accepted. This is a creative response to a work that helps you understand and communicate the work’s larger significance. Here’s the way in: pretend you are the author of the work. Imagine you have just completed the work we are reading in class. You are writing a letter to a friend, or an entry in your journal. In that letter or journal entry, you are reflecting about what you’ve just written. You think about why you’ve written this work, what you hope it accomplishes in the world. You mull over your favorite scenes and characters, 4and what inspired you to imagine these specific scenes or characters. Finally, you confide in this letter or journal entry your deepest thoughts about war, and how and why you chose to represent war in the work you just finished. You should find out a little bit about the author and his or her historical context. Use reputable on-line sources (Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy; Encyclopedia Britannica; LION Wikipedia is generally not a reputable source. On your day to be the author, you are exempt from having to write a Discussion Paper

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