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The notion of a meaning-making forum is a relatively simple concept, which is akin to managing from the bottom up in organizations. The idea is rooted in quality management where it is asserted that some of the best ideas come from those closest to the work. For example, a bank that wishes to improve perceptions of customer service may interview tellers and call center staff for their input on how to improve overall customer experience. Most important, these suggestions must be taken seriously by the management and put to effective use to be seen as credible by members of the organization.Meaning-making forums can take many forms ranging from electronic to in-person. Some examples might be employee focus groups, employee task forces, e-mail suggestion addresses, Web-based suggestion forms, employee surveys, or even just old-fashioned paper-based systems. Whatever form they take, the important thing to note is that these meaning-making forums are a means for employees to have direct involvement in the structure, strategy, and daily operation of the firm, which, if sincerely embraced by the management, can reliably lead to empowered and higher-performing organizations.Write a 3-4 paragraphs that captures your perspective of a meaning-making forum. Provide examples of how your current or former organization gets employees involved in decision making and change.Written communication: Written communication should be well organized and clear, with correct spelling and grammar and easy to read.APA format: Resources and citations should be in current APA format.Length: 3-4 paragraphsFont and font size: Times New Roman, 12 point.

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