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Question 1.The PlanStudents will present the plan proposed action research including:identification of the sampledescription of research method (for the purpose of this course, students will use a quantitative methodology)research questionresearch designpotential ethical issuestimeline**This should be accompanied by a consent form that informs participants about any risk of participation in the research. It should also let them know their participation is voluntary and they can withdraw at any time without penalty. Explain how you will protect their privacy and the confidentiality of their information.**It is not necessary for you to create a consent form. Search for one online and include one that is suitable for your study.Question 2Data Collection and AnalysisStudents will describe the proposed data collection and analysis plan. Although the process will not actually be carried out, students will identify the following:data sourcesstep-by-step method of data collectiontimeline for collecting datastep-by-step method for analyzing dataThis should be accompanied by a sample of the instrument (survey) that could be used to collect data.Question 3The final projectThe final project should include the following: introduction, highlights of literature review, description of “the plan”, and data collection and analysis methods. The final project will consist of a paper AND a power point presentation with voice over. The presentation should be of a quality that could be shared with colleagues in the workplace. The final project is worth 15 pointsand must include the following:· A paper that includes all sections of the action plan. Since each section has been previously submitted as an assignment, the final copy should include that information, as well as any corrections that were needed.· A power point presentation (with brief narrative and bullet points) that includes between 20-25 slides with voice over narration· Problem Statement· Purpose Statement· Identification of variables and key words· Highlights of literature review· Identification of sample· Research question· Ethical issues· Consent form (appendix of paper)· Survey instrument (appendix of paper)· Data sources· Data collection process· Timeline· Data collection method

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