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The question is related to the Marking management. I need it on Tuesday at 10 Pm 21/4/2015 at UAE time. The Ans should be of 3000 words.As per Teacher Note: Academic references need to be improved here, as they are not at the required level, Pls tc of at high level and Pls put at least 15 or aboveReference of this Assignment. This time I need the best project proposal Only and PlsChoose the best well known company for this proposal. If pictures or graph required pls put that too.Pls use simulated marketing plan but you are encouraged to use real data and real business examples/cases to support your strategies. Consider using the theories that are feasible and practical and easy for you to gather data. SWOT analysis may need lots of the data that you don’t have. PLC theory may be a little too much. We may just use the introduction stage in this theory.the question is as followingyour are expected to use diverse sources of information and to carry out an original analysis rather than summaries or rehash existing work.Imagine you work for a company that produces software, and the Research and Development department has a developed a way of getting information from consumers about their buying habits and producing an ’unmet needs list’ that accurately anticipates future purchases. The information, however, comes from the customers’ use of credit cards and bank cards, raising some privacy concerns. Nonetheless, with only a few months of data, this new software can predict with some 95 percent accuracy what product a consumer will likely buy (or need to buy) in the next 30 days. Senior management is cautiously optimistic about the product and has asked you to develop a marketing plan.Your task is to write a comprehensive marketing plan that identifies your market, establishes a price point, chooses a distribution channel, proposes a communication (advertising) venue, and identifies who will be the buyer of the product. Your plan should be fully documented and supported by research. It should be prepared for your senior management team.My requirement1- Pleaseat at least give 3 paragraph reference from the following book, this is very important and must have at least one ( Kotler, P. and Keller, K. (2012). Marketing Management 14th ed.Harlow, Essex: Pearson Education Limited.)3- Please use more than15 website on reference.4- Need at least 20Reference5- Please use Harvard style correctly.6-Referencing (in text citation) should be evident in the discussions.Plagiarism level allowed 15% only otherwise it will not acceptable.7- This assignment for master degree please do your best effort to get A or B grade.Please Make assignment in the following format :-1- Introduction.(defined the main terms).2- Body. (Discussion).3- Conclusion.(summarize the main points).

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