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Question 2:You have been selected as the key speaker at the state conference on multiculturaleducation and special education. Your task is to present an hour long presentation entitled“Preparing Special Education Teachers for Cultural Diversity” which must includeresearch on 12 of the 21 topics related to multiculturalism (below).For the purpose of this task provide your professor with(a) listing of the 12 topics you selected,(b) a one paragraph description of each topic (substantiated with scholarly resources –include theoretical underpinnings when applicable),(c) a discussion (a rationalization) defending your selection of the 12 topics (i.e., why thetopics you selected are specifically related to “Preparing Special Education Teachers forCultural Diversity”). (this discussion section should be no less than 2 pages in length)Topics• cultural pluralism• race• world view• cultural deficit• post-structuralism• oppressive education• educational equality• egocentric• transformational, social, and action approaches• influence of social context on racism and discrimination• reciprocal family-professional relationships• social political contexts• parental involvement• evaluation procedures (multicultural environment)• assessment procedures (student evaluation)• socio cultural learning theory• color blind perspective (benefits & costs)• overrepresentation of minority students in special education• three pronged model for addressing multicultural competencies(including subcomponents)• links between diversity and disability (see Pugach & Seidl, 1998)• heresy/cultures of teaching

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