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Part 1- Discussion – 250 words or more.In your prior classes, you have learned and applied the theories and concepts related to the organization that deliver direct services to clients. Agencies might offer one or two services, or a variety of services, depending on community need, funding availability, and services offered by other local agencies. In this unit, you will discuss the importance of using research skills to identify service gaps and trends, as well as to identify best practices in your community.Use this scenario to respond to this week’s discussion question.You are working as an outreach specialist in a substance abuse agency. Your primary job functions include traveling in the agency van during the day to visit parts of the city where substance abuse/addiction is known to be a prevalent problem. You talk with potential clients on the street and at community fairs. You also drive clients to and from treatment daily, meaning that you have the most direct, non-clinical contact with the agency clients. One day, you pull up to a house to pick up Sheila (client) and see that she and her three children are standing outside of the house with their furniture strewn around the yard. They have been evicted from their home.Using your research skills, assigned readings and the web resources pretend that this scenario occurred in your home town or city and answer the following:1. Determine the clientâs three most immediate needs.2. Describe what steps you would take next, and list what agencies that you would make referrals to so that the client and her children are stabilized. (If there are no local agencies that provide the services that you determine are needed, explain this in your response, and explain how this trend (e.g., more money is available for mental health facilities than for substance abuse treatment) affects the community.)Part 2- Discussion – 250 words or more.Review the following TED Talks video about homelessness and then utilizing your critical thinking skills, provide your response to the following questions:Blanton, B.(2009, July). The year I was homeless [Video file]. Retrieved from What do you think Becky Blanton means by being âinvisible?â2. What do you think Becky Blanton means by the âworking homeless?â 3. How does this discussion about being homeless help you to understand what this population may experience and struggle with on a day to day basis?Once you finish writing your response to the scenario, provide feedback to your classmates about their thoughts

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