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Key Concept Exercise: The use of secondary data

This week, you continue with the smartphone scenario from Weeks 4 and 5.

In previous weeks you discovered that there is a time, place and purpose for
quantitative, qualitative and mixed-methods research. The suitability of each
depends on, among other factors, the nature of the marketing initiative, the mission
and vision of the organisation, and the resources available to collect and analyse
marketing data. Each approach has its own strengths, and brings a different
perspective to information collection, management and analysis.

Similarly, as this week reveals, secondary data collection utilises different
methods and tools than those used in primary data collection. The two have their own
applications for which they are most suitable. As such, their results can both
complement and contradict each other.

To prepare for this Key Concept Exercise:

* Read the Required Learning Resources for Week 6.
* Evaluate the contribution that secondary data can make to domestic and
international marketing research projects.
* Research reliable sources of information on the target market.
* Consider the role technology plays in secondary data collection.

To complete this Key Concept Exercise:
By Day 3 (Friday)

In an approximately 500-word response, address the following issues/questions:

* What sources of secondary information can the junior executive use?
* What information do these sources provide the junior executive?
* How credible are these resources?
* What gaps can you identify that the junior executive would need to fill with
primary data in order to obtain a more complete assessment of the target market?

By Day 3 (Friday), submit your Key Concept Exercise.

Be sure to read over your Key Concept Exercise before submitting it to your
Instructor. Make sure the spelling and grammar are correct and the language, citing
and referencing you use when providing your opinion are appropriate for academic

To submit your Key Concept Exercise to Turnitin, click the “View/Complete” link for
Week 06 Key Concept Exercise — Turnitin.


Module Text

Wilson, A.M. (2011) Marketing research: an integrated approach. 3rd ed. [Electronic
Book]. Harlow: Financial Times/Prentice Hall.

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