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Write a performance analysis on a play called Radiance: The Passion of Marie Curie. I need to choose one character and analyze it according to the attached worksheet.THR-203, Acting II Scene StudyPerformance Analysis WorksheetThis is a 5oo word written analysis of one or two performances from a singleproduction, analyzing the work of an actor using the concepts and criteria we arelearning in class. If you choose to profile two performances, compare and contrastthe work of the two actors.Be specific, give examples.Consider the following:Is there evidence that the actor made decisions about the five circumstances wehave identified as being important to all acting assignments?RelationshipsSetting/ SituationObjective/ Obstacle/ Actions (Conflict)StakesTime ElementIs the character/ actor playing a clear objective?Does the character/ actor have a clear understanding of their obstacle?What actions/ strategies are being employed to achieve the objective? Is therevariety?As the story develops, are there changes along the way that signal opportunitiesfor the actor to develop new strategies as the character? Were theseopportunities recognized and explored?You can consider two approaches to each of these questions:1. Does the actor appear to have made these decisions?2. How successful do you feel the actor was in executing/ implementingthem?

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