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Transformative Agents of Positive ChangeSuppose you have masters degree and you are Math Instructor, or Statistics Instructor orany Science related instructor in college. You have now enrolled in Doctor of Education (EdDprogram. Write about 3 pages and explain the following in detail: (Write as your own experience)1. Why you decided to pursue an advanced graduate degree (Doctor of Education), andwhat you hope to accomplish with your degree.2. Ask yourself what impact you would like to make in the areas that excite you and whatchanges you would like to implement.3. Think about how advancing your education might contribute to your ability to make adifference in these areas4. Looking at educational reform questions which involve equitable admittance of studentsto innovative technology as well as emphasizing on the creation of more invigoratinglearning settings.5. Helping in the growth of the charter school paradigm with strategic organizationalevolutions shifting to initiative reconstruction and infrastructure of technology solutions.Presently, there are more than a million children attending charter schools nationwide andthis number is swiftly increasing.6. Education technology execution in the tutorial room, emphasizing on specialized growthfor teachers and the empowerment of learners. Knowing that it is students who need tolearn and the system requirements to absorb them makes certain they are inspired in aproductive sense.(questions 4, 5, 6 were the ones you wrote on the discussion forum)7. An explanation of how the three topics you addressed (questions 4, 5, and 6) relate to issues ineducation.8. A description of a problem related to each issue—a problem you would want to help solve.9. At least two goals you hope to accomplish as a result of obtaining your degree.10. A description of the experiences and motivations that have led you to pursue an advancedgraduate degree.11. An explanation of how your pursuit of the topics you identified can enable you to become anagent of positive change. Provide specific examples. EACH NUMBER, 1 through 11, YOU should explain into detail ABOUT 1/3 A PAGE.

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