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Unit VI AssignmentInstructions: This assignment involves answering a series of questions, and each question provides youwith an opportunity to accomplish the following course learning outcome:8. Critique interview techniques.Be sure to answer each question, save all of your work in this template, and submit it in Blackboard forgrading.1. After answering the last question, Jason said thank you and the interview was over. Briefly describeone or more techniques that Jason could have used to improve the conclusion of his interview. Yourresponse should be at least 75 words.2. Danielle was interviewing for a position, and the interviewer asked for her salary requirements. AsDanielle was not expecting to hear that question, she mumbled for a minute before eventually saying$40,000.00, which is low for someone with her experience. Briefly describe one or more techniques thatDanielle could have used to improve her response to the salary-expectations question. Also, how does aresponse to the salary expectations impact salary negotiations? Your response should be at least 75 words.3. Tanya was in an interview, and she was shocked to discover how one of the organization’s core servicesinvolves performing tasks that directly conflict with Tanya’s beliefs and principles. After discovering thisinformation during the interview, Tanya immediately realized that she could not work for thisorganization. To prevent wasting time with an unnecessary interview, what type of interview-preparationtechnique could Tanya have used? What are the advantages of using techniques to prepare for aninterview? Your response should be at least 50 words.4. While in an interview, Tom was asked to describe his professional experience with his current andprevious employers. During his descriptions, Tom occasionally included a few negative comments abouthis current and previous employers. How can negative comments impact a job interview? Your responseshould be at least 50 words.5. According to the textbook, there is a right and wrong way to respond to yes-or-no questions during aninterview. During an interview, how would you respond to the following question: Have you ever workedfor a company that generates revenue through e-commerce? Your response should be at least 50 words.6. This question involves closing an interview. Near or at the end of an interview, you may be asked if youhave any questions. Not responding may imply you are not interested, and a probing question about thecompany may imply you did not research the company. For this essay, respond to the importance ofclosing the interview on a positive note and share an example of a closing interview statement (yourpersonal commercial). Your response must be at least 250 words in length. Page 1 of 1

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