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SINQ UNST 234: Healthy People Healthy PlacesAssignment: Critical Research EvaluationGoal: Apply critical thinking skills and research evaluation criteria to a published experiment.Instructions: Choose a health related research topic that is interesting to you. Find anexperimental research study on this topic published in the last 1.5 years (January 2016 to now).To qualify for this assignment the study must be original research (not a review of previousstudies) conducted with human participants, and include a behavior change experiment, whichmeans that at least one group of participants had to receive some kind of ‘treatment’ intendedto change their behavior. There are a huge range of options you can choose from. Crosssectional or descriptive studies won’t work. Please use Lauriel and me to help you select a topicand a study. You need to confirm that the study you have chosen qualifies with Lauriel or me.Write a critical analysis of the study. This should start with a short, high-level summary of thestudy’s purpose, procedures, and main results (a few hundred words max). Then dive into thestudy using the research evaluation discussions we’ve had in class and the pertinent handout(that is also posted on D2L). Some questions to consider: Do the authors make a clear case for the importance of the study that they’reconducting? Summarize their justification. Were the study methods based on theory? Did the authors describe the theoreticalunderpinnings? Briefly describe the theoretical basis. Are there clear hypotheses? What was the study design? Was the design appropriate to answer the study’s primaryquestions? Was there a control group, or a placebo control group? How could the studydesign have been stronger? What was the study population? Was the number of participants too small to draw firmconclusions? What characteristics of the sample may have biased the results, or maylimit the generalizability of the findings? Were the study methods adequate? How did the authors make sure that participantscompleted the intended ‘dose’ of the treatment? Did the study fail to control for any important extraneous variables? What were the main results? Was the data analysis thorough? Did authors clearlypresent and discuss all the results of the study, or does it feel like they’re ‘cherry picking’the results they want to include and omitting things that didn’t work out the way theyproposed? Did the authors appropriately interpret the results of their study? What did theyoverlook? Are there limitations of the study that they do not address in the discussionsection? What are the implications of the study in terms of application in the real world, or infuture research? Do the authors thoroughly describe the implications?Write me a research study related to a behavioral changeThe study must have 2 groups. (Placebo group) & (Control group).The analytical essay has to be at least 3 pages long. Double spaced. 12 Font.

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