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Week 1 Discussion Questions (3)Experts only! Scholarly responses are required.* Watch the video case study (linked below), and discuss this case. This story is about the SupremeCourt’s decision. Please answer each question individually and accurately. Must cite any and allreferences in APA format. Label each solution with the corresponding question. Copy and pastedsolutions will NOT be accepted. Minimum 2-3 quality paragraphs per questionSolution will be submitted through a plagiarism detection software, be sure to cite sources adoringly. Video Case Study: Court Systems and Jurisdiction—Supreme Court Sides with Walmart1. What process did this case have to go through to get to the Supreme Court?2. Please share any additional thoughts on the proof v. the voice of the women in this case?3. Do you think that suing was good for the women in order to get the information in the public aboutWalmart?

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