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The Discussionbe sure to read the “Week 4 Discussion Instructions” posted in the Week 4 Module. This week, you need to reply to one of the following three prompt questions(ONLY REPLY TO ONE PROMPT question):How does Institutional Classism affect the ability of parents to meet the needs of their children?Imagine you are at a family gathering or social function and you hear someone say, âI think poor people are poor because they are lazy and looking for a handout. If they just worked hard like me, they wouldnât be poor.â How might you respond?Who deserves support? By support, Iâm talking about government subsidies/entitlements?Be sure to adhere to the Writing Guidelines that are part of the “Week 4 Discussion Instructions” posted at the Week 4 Module. If you don’t, you might not earn any of the 10 points for this assignment.

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