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(3-5 Sentences per question).Describe Ossification during Fetal Development. 2.What are the roles of Osteoclasts in bone formation? 3.How do Osteoblasts assist when recovering from a fractured bone? 4. How does Vitamin D support bone formation? 5.Explain the difference between Long bones, Short bones, Flat Bones, and Sesamoid bones. 6.Why could damage to the Epiphyseal plate of a bone, during childhood, result in a reduction of a bone’s growth potential. 7.Which bone in the skull has an opening to allow the spinal cord to pass through, and whatis this opening called? 8.The vertebral column consists of 4 different curves, what are they? 9. Describe the location of the coccyx. 10.Describe the difference between metacarpals and metatarsal bones.Define the following terms:Hospital charge masterCoding SystemsReimbursementDiscuss the relationship between patient registration and the hospital charge master.Which of these (registration, or the charge master) is more important than the other? Why?Using a search engine, research the differences between Hypothyroidism and Hyperthyroidism.In 3 paragraphs to 1 page, describe your findings. In your answer, be sure to include at least one piece of information that you did not know about these conditions

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