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297. What do you think of a female who has had many sexual partners? Do youview her differently?How does this compare to your view of a man who has many sexual partners?300. When men and women (heterosexual couples) are having sex, who do you thinkcares more about pleasing the other person? Women or men?a. Why?301.Have you even used online dating apps/websites? Which ones?b. What have your experience been like?c. What do you look for in a profile? How do you decide who to talk to?d. Who do you think should initiate the conversation?e. What are the “rules” of online dating?308Do you think people who chose not to have children are judged by others?f. Do you think a woman who chose not to have children would be viewed the sameas a man who chose not to have children?310. Why do you think divorce is so much more common now than it was a fewgenerations ago? Do you see this as a problem or not?Do you think it should be harder to get a divorce than it is now?Do you think it should be harder to get married than it is now?311 When a male/female marriage ends in divorce, who do you think is affected the mostnegatively? The man or the woman? Why?315 Do you think marriage is still valued in US culture?What makes you think it is valued?What makes you think it is not valued?323 Would you be willing to give up your career for your partner’s success? Would you be okwith being a stay-at-home parent?330.Have you ever seen a woman in your workplace treated unfairly or disrespected at workbecause they are a woman?332.Have you ever seen women in your workplace being sexually harassed?a. If so, what happened?b. If not, do you know anyone that this has happened to?338. Would you prefer to have a male or female boss? Do you feel more comfortable with awoman or man in charge? 345.Can you think of any jobs that are mainly done by men?c. Why do you think men are more likely to work in this field?d. Do you think this is a respected/admired job? Do you think people think this jobis difficult?e. If more women worked in this field do you think people would have more or lessrespect for this job?346.In your opinion, what are the best jobs for women?f. What are the best jobs for men?g. Why? Explain your reasoning.1. What does feminism mean to you? When you hear the word “feminism” or “feminist”what does it make you think about?a. How would you define feminism?b. Would you call yourself a feminist? Why or why not?3.What are “women’s rights” to you? What political issues do you think women are mostaffected by?c. How can women fight for these rights?d. Do you think women have a chance to have their voices heard in our government?5.Do you think women’s rights are under attack these days?e. Why or why not? Explain.

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