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1. What happened in Myanmar in May 2008? How were people impacted? How many peoplewere impacted? (8 points)2. What was the role of the United States in response to the disaster? (8 points)3. Why is it so difficult to get aid to the people impacted by the cyclone? (8 points)4. Describe the government of Myanmar. How has the government attempted to control thepeople of Myanmar? (8 points)5. How did the government recently change the constitution? (8 points)Go to the following blog and read the story of a teenaged girl who was raised in a BurmeseRefugee Camp: (Or use thefollowing keywords in an online search engine: Bebe, Mae La, refugee, Burmese)6. What is the ethnicity of Bebe and her family and how did her ethnicity impact her childhood?(3 points)7. Where was Bebe raised? (2 points)8. When did Bebe move to the United States? (2 points)9. How long was Bebe in a refugee camp? What was it like? (3 points)

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