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Worksheet 4 All questions below are based upon the following prompt: What were the economic consequences of the geographic expansion of the UnitedStates between 1763 and 1850?1. Brainstorm/Scattershoot and then describe and explain (so name and tell how) the United Statesacquired each major piece of new territory between 1763 and 1850. 2. Brainstorm/Scattershoot and then list at least 10 consequences of the acquisition of new territory andexpansion westward between 1763-1850. 3. Reflect on your answers above. If you were asked to write a paragraph in response to the promptabove, what would be your rule of three thesis statement? 4. Now provide three pieces of detailed and specific historical examples that would support your thesisstatement. 5. Identify at least one primary document from those assigned in the course that you could use asevidence for economic consequences of expansion.

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