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1.Which of the following is not an autosomal recessive disorder?albinismphenylketonuriacystic fibrosisPolydactyly2. In DNA the nucleotide guanine binds to:thymineadenineuracilcytosine3. In DNA the nucleotide thymine binds to:cytosineadenineguanine4. Generally speaking, life converts the information encoded in genes into mRNA and then into protein.TrueFalse5. An individual with 47 chromosomesDowns SyndromeTurner SyndromealbinismHemophilia6. Which of the following is not an autosomal chromosomeChromosome 2Chromosome 14X chromosomeChromosome 117. A micrograph showing chromosomes is called a finished karyotype.TrueFalse8. Reproductive cloning technologies produce an exact copy of an individual.TrueFalse9. The molecule tRNA contains an anticodon that is complementary to a codon in mRNA.TrueFalse10. A mutation that results in the loss of genetic materialdeletionbase-pair substitutionanticodoncodon11. Living cells use DNA is to:make proteinsissues instructions for cell functionwarehouse genetic informationall the above12. Which of the following nucleotides is not found in DNAthymineadenineuracilcytocine13. The enyzme RNA polymerase is responsible for synthesizing a new strand of DNA during DNA replication.TrueFalse14. DNA replication involves:template DNAfree nucleotidesDNA polymeraseall the above15. A protein coding region found inside a eukaryotic gene is called an exon.TrueFalse16. The loss of some portion of a chromosome:Duplicationinversiondeletiontranslocation17. The conclusion of the Hershey – Chase experiment was that DNA was the genetic material involved in inheritance.TrueFalse18. A normal human has this number of chromosomes:4546474819. Autosomal recessive disorders are expressed in every generation.TrueFalse20. Nondisjunction may occur during meiosis.TrueFalse21. Transcription occurs within the nucleus.TrueFalse22. The enzyme required to synthesize mRNA is called:DNA ligaseDNA polymeraseRNA polymerasePrimase23. A male has an X and Y chromosomes while a female has two copies of an X chromosomeTrueFalse24. One species’ DNA differs from others in its base sequence as well as the type of sugars and phosphatesTrueFalse25. The conversion of DNA to mRNA is called transcription.TrueFalse26. The conversion from mRNA to protein is called transcription.TrueFalse27. Translation occurs within the cytoplasm of eukaryotic cellsTrueFalse28. In RNA, the nucleotide thymine is replaced with:adeninecytosineuracilnone of the above29. X linked disorders are transmitted from father to daughter.TrueFalse30. Transcription occurs in the nucleus of prokaryotic cellsTrueFalse

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