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5. Who are the proposed participants for your research? In your answer, please define the population, and explain how you will sample from this population. Also specify how large the sample is required to be, and justify this decision. Note that a good justification will demonstrate a clear understanding of a priori power analysis and related issues. (10 Marks)6. Describe, in a systematic fashion, the procedure for your experiment. In your answer, describe how participants will be assigned to levels of your IV, and then describe what you will ask them to do. Again, if your proposed procedure has been inspired by previous research, donât forget to include citations. (10 Marks)7. Explain how you will test your hypothesis. What statistical test will you use? If your hypothesis is supported, what would you expect the results of this test to look like? (For example, what might the pvalue be? What might the group/condition means look like? How large do you expect the effect size to be?) What are the assumptions of your hypothesis test? How will you know whether or not these assumptions have been met? (15 Marks)8. Describe one plausible threat to the internal validity of your study, and explain how you will address or limit the impact of this threat in your design. If your design does not address this threat, explain why not. (10 Marks)9. Comment on the external validity of your study. (10 Marks)

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