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Week 2 discussion
DQ1 An Outline of the Writing Assignments in WRTG 391
In the Week 1 checklist, you found a link called,
“Video–On WA#1 Summary of Research Studies,” which outlines and
provides directions for completing the first formal writing assignment.
The video will also discuss methods for assessing sources
critically. You will use your analytic,
critiquing skills to develop a Summary of Research Findings. The Summary of
Research Findings assignment asks you to look closely at several sources and to
assess them using specific criteria: source citation, definitions/key terms,
focus of study, methodology, findings, and personal reflections.
Please watch the video introducing the WA#1: The Summary of
Research Findings and read the description of the WA#1 formal assignment.
After watching the video a few times, please answer the
following questions:
1. What aspect of the WA#1 assignment strikes you as the
most challenging? Why?
2. What skills will a student have to employ to successfully
complete WA#1?
3. How will those skills benefit a student when completing
the rest of the formal writing assignments in WRTG 391: WA#2 Critical Annotated
Bibliography, WA#3 Summary of Research Sources, and WA#4 Niches and Gaps Essay?
(You may need to read the descriptions of those assignments to help you to
answer this question.)
If not, please describe why you think there is not a logical
progression between two or more assignments.
Please write a paragraph of 5-10 sentences in responding.

DQ2 Practice in Writing a Critical Annotated Bibliography
Your second writing assignment in WRTG 391 will be a Critical
Annotated Bibliography.
After you have watched both of the following videos:
-Video on WA #2 — Approaching the Critical Annotated
-Video tutorial — How to Write an Annotated Bibliography
Please perform the following tasks:
Please access the article, “The CSI Effect at University:
Forensic Science Students’ Television Viewing and Perceptions of Ethical
Issue,” by Roslyn Weaver, Yenna Salamonson, Jane Koch, and Glenn Porter.
Here is the article also also: “The CSI Effect”
This article is in the e-reserves section of your
class. You can access the article by
taking the following steps:
Click Content
Select Class Resources
Select eReserves
Select the icon for eReserves in the middle of your page.
In the list of items that appears, locate the article and
download it.
After accessing the article, imagine that this is one of
your articles for your Critical Annotated Bibliography. Please complete the following in responding
to this discussion thread:
1. List the article in APA format, as the second video describes.
2. Write a 150-to-200-word summary/critique of the article
in which you not only summarize the article but also note what is scholarly and
strong about the source. Please refer to
the article “How to Write an Annotated Bibliography” here King-How to
help you in evaluating the strengths in this source, using two terms from the
list we will have reviewed in class from this article in the latter sentences
of your annotation.
Here is a good sample of correctly formatted annotated
entries as well: Sample Critical Annotated Bibliography 2017 to help give you a
In addition, mention whether it will be a possible article
for Writing Assignment #3.
Again, you are not necessarily using this article in your
Critical Annotated Bibliography.
However, this exercise is designed to help you become familiar with
listing a source in APA format and with writing a critical annotation for it.
Please also respond to one classmate using 1+1 feedback
which is explained in the Week 0 submodule by Sunday, March 26 by midnight,
providing one compliment on one aspect of the student’s post that is noteworthy
and one question on an aspect of the post that you feel would help to inquire
about more or make a suggestion on some aspect of the post that you feel you
can make a suggestion about to help in some way (i.e. APA format of the
student’s citation).

DQ3 Library Exercise #1
This discussion thread is designed to help you become
familiar with OneSearch. OneSearch is a
service that is available through UMUC’s Library and Information Services
website. It allows a user to locate
scholarly articles and other resources through a single search engine.
Please watch Library Tutorial #1.
Then respond to this discussion thread by answering the
following question and completing the following task:
1. What topic are you considering for your Critical
Annotated Bibliography (and all the coursework in 391)? In other words, on what
general area of interest are you going to locate 12 scholarly articles?
2. Find one article for your Annotated Bibliography using
the tips mentioned in the tutorial. Then
list the source in APA format and write your summary/critique of 150-200 words
using the format overviewed in class with the “How to Write an Annotated
Bibliography” article to provide two terms at the latter end of the
annotation that assess its scholarliness. Here is a Sample Critical Annotated
Bibliography 2017 also to help with the format.

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