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1) You could utilize functional theory in analyzing and explaining the sociological processes depicted in the movie because: A)B)C)D)2) A)B)C)D)E)3) The film is all about economic differences between competing groupsNo particular segment of the Polish population was stigmatized and persecutedHolocaust victims were subject to processes of scapegoatingAfter World War I the German sociologist, Max Weber, predicted the probability of another, even greater, worldwide conflictNazi perception of which of the following identity markers became the greatest problem for the film’s central character, Wladyslaw Szpilman:RaceReligion and Religious IdentityNational IdentityProfessional OccupationEducationOne component of sociological theory best captures the film’s perspective of the reason for, and purpose of, prejudice as depicted in the film:A) Relative DeprivationB) ScapegoatingC) Prior Differential Management 4) Which of the following sociological theories can best assist you in understanding the deviance engaged in by the Nazi officer who helped Szpilman survive?A) Functional TheoryB) Conflict TheoryC) Symbolic Interaction Theory5) As depicted within the film, and as recorded in history, which of the following was the greatest impediment to social function and to both social and individual survival:A)B)C)D) RaceReligion and Religious IdentityNational IdentityGender 6) (7) The film’s depiction of the utilization of ultimate power, the power over life and death, provides a powerful example of ___________________ processes.A) genocidalB)suicidalC)religiousD)Communist7) (10) As is often the case with minority groups, the Jewish population of Europe was sociologically ______________________.A) largeB)insignificantC)marginalizedD)Dysfunctional 8) (11) In the opening sequence of the film depicting Szpilman playing the piano in a radio studio, the importance of his musical performance can be best understood using which sociological theory?A) Conflict TheoryB)FunctionalismC)Symbolic Interaction Theory9) The Nazi party use of the swastika provided a powerful _________________ connection for the German people as they sought national unity.A) functionalB)symbolicC)relevantD)Economic10)

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